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Glorious greetings, and welcome to our about us page.

We are a husband and wife team, from Minnesota, whose love of Christmas lights can be traced back to our childhoods. We both have fond memories of hopping in the car with our families, for a leisurely drive through town to see the beautiful lights and magical displays adorning homes and businesses.

When we became parents ourselves, we joyfully, continued the tradition of holiday light gazing. It warmed our hearts to hear the oohs and aahs when something special would capture our children's attention. Each year we’d drive, slowly, past Uncle Randy and Aunt LuAnn’s home to see their magnificent display. It was, and continues to be, the stuff of legends.

The years progressed, our children grew, and decorating for the holidays became a festive family activity.  After noticing there were fewer and fewer, good quality, outdoor yard displays and decorations to choose from, we began to make our own. After years of researching and perfecting, we have attained the exceptional quality to which we were striving.

It is an honor and pleasure to share our LED light displays with you. Thank you, so kindly, for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy your time here.

May all your days be merry and bright,

~Christmas Cottage Lights


About Our Products

We began our company with two things in mind, exceptional quality and affordability. Offering both is very important to us.

Our metal frame yard displays are made of the highest quality materials. The 1/4 inch metal frame is professionally welded to ensure it maintains strength. The frame is then powder coated to prevent rust from outdoor elements. Each display comes with 6 inch, metal rods that are placed at the bottom of the decoration and secured with a wingnut. To set up outside, gently, push metal rods into the ground. Please note, most displays may need additional support, which is not included. Most hanging displays come with metal "rings" welded onto the design.

Our beautiful, metal frame, LED lights are the newest technology on the market. They are designed in a multilayer process, with superior material, making them stronger and brighter. Each bulb is constructed to be impervious to weather, which is what sets these lights apart from all others. LED lights have an incredibly long lifespan as they will last over 20,000 hours as per manufacturer. All lights are tested before they are attached to the frame with a transparent clip or colored cap system presenting an elegant appearance. Our lights are closely spaced for continuity of color. The result is glorious. Displays are beautiful, bright, strong and affordable.

Displays are hinged to assist in keeping shipping costs down and storage easier.

We strongly suggest protecting the plug and controller (if you have an animated piece) by placing a plastic sandwich or freezer bag around them.

Controllers must be off the ground, placed in a plastic bag, and attached to your display. Cable ties work well for this but be sure you do not attach them directly onto a cord as you will run the risk of cutting through it and damaging your lights.

Please note, during shipping, it's not unusual for random lights to become unattached. Carefully, place the light onto the frame using the transparent clip or colored cap. Exercise caution when reattaching or readjusting the lights as pulling or placing too much tension on them could result in a broken connection. It is also not unusual for a bulb to wiggle out from its socket due to the "rumble" of travel. You may need to push a bulb into the socket should it wiggle out and appear out when your display arrives. NEVER work on electrical cords while plugged in, or around water. Please note we ship to the lower 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska are considered international. 


Additional Support: Additional Support for large displays, such as guy wires or conduit are not included, but may be found at your local hardware store.